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There can be two types of grunge girl. The 1st is the original style of grunge, taking pointers from the kinder whore and riot Grrrl look of the nineties. The 2nd is the more modern, Goth and nu-metal influenced style, which can be more effectively described as greebo.

Original Grunge Girl: L7, Bikini Kill, Babes In Toyland, Mudhoney, Hole, Sound garden, Alice In Chains, Black Flag, Skin Yard, TAD, Sonic Youth.
Greebo Grunge Girl: Slipknot, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails.

Original Grunge Girl: Ripped, floaty dresses, bright tights, stompy boots or Chucks, dirty jeans, maybe a leather jacket, punk skirts.
Greebo Grunge Girl: Black, black, black, baby. Black+ Baggy= Very happy greebo.

Original Grunge Girls: Going to underground rock shows, drooling over hot as hell grunge guys, reading political websites, partying to Black Flag, having crushes on other girls, hating/adoring Courtney Love.
Greebo Grunge Girls: Listening to Slipknot, skating, hating but secretly fancying emo boys.


Original Grunge Girl:
“Woo! I love to party!”
“All men are assholes!!!!”
“Fuck you, corporate America!”
“Oh my God, Kathleen Hanna, I love you!”
“Want some pot?”
“I like fucking!”
“Who wants to watch a Gregg Araki movie?!”
“That guy is so hot. Shame he’s gay. Ahh, well…”
“Hey there…loan me that Mudhoney album and I’ll love you long time”

Greebo Grunge Girl:
“Slipknot are good.”
“NIN feel my pain.”
“Wow, I would totally hit on that hot boy wearing the floor length leather jacket but I suffer from low self esteem” *sniff*
“Fuck you.”
“Taking Back Sunday are fucking pussies.”

Original Grunge Girls are hard to find but they’re a lot more fun.
Trust me. *wink*.

Random Guy:"I wish I could score a grunge girl."
Some guy in background: HAHA!
by bandanasarerad January 22, 2007
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