When a small dog is angry and upset about nothing and starts uncontrollably barking/growling/screaming/biting things when things don't go their way. Similar to a Bitch Fit.

Most common trigger of Groutfits are when people mistake these small dogs (Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Shitzus, Yorkies) for large rats.
Bobby: Why is your dog barking at the couch?

Meg: Just ignore him, he’s having a groutfit.
by Kmt00010 January 27, 2020
when a bunch of top tier individuals band together in grey solidarity to resist the social oppressive norms of fake drip and regressive “fashion”
Chris: I’m so excited for groutfit day ☑️😎
Kushan: Same man we finna b lit🙅🏾 ♂️🧢
by February 2, 2022
A groutfit (gray outfit) consisting of clothes that are the exact same color gray.
by flavortowncentral April 11, 2018
cute funny smart girl who wears an all grey outfit and is faithful to her lover
yooo she wearing the groutfit she mad faithful i respect her
by groutfit September 6, 2022
The absolute best fit to wear. You will be getting compliments left and right.
Hey look at Bennetts Groutfit!
by yaboy6278 January 21, 2022
A group of people or circle of friends all wearing the same outfit or similar styles of clothing.

A group outfit.
"Why are you guys all wearing black band tees?"
"Bro it's our groutfit"
by juliaray123 March 19, 2020
an grouty outfit that is worn on a lazy day typically sweats and a sweater
ex: boy- i’m so tired and cold today i’m wearing a groutfit
by papastrsngerthings November 23, 2022