An overused, out-of-date phrase from he 70's expressing extreme gross-ness. A mixture of gross and disgusting.
Billybob: *looking at garbage* Man, that stuff is grody.

Steven: Why are you using an outdated slang word from the 70's?

Billybob: I dunno, man, peace and kitties...


Melissa: Ew, look at that snail!

Annie: That's GRODY!!
by CoolStoryChlo December 25, 2012
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A word that many Naperville white girls use to define something or someone being nasty, yucky, gross, icky, disgusting, puke-worthy.
Christina: "Ew, do you like see that guy at Zero Gravity like creeping on you?"
Racheal: "Like really? He's so grody, it's ridiculous!"

Ana: "I don't get why someone would drive a grody old ass car."
Tessa: "Obviously a grody person would drive a grody car, duh!"

Nequa Valley and Waubonsie Valley are more grody than Naperville Central and Naperville North.
by NapervilleWhiteGirlDuh December 20, 2011
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A preppy way of saying Gross.

Shelby:Like omg! Her outfit isn't from Hollister so its Grody!

Cassidy:Wtf? Grody?...Pfft,Preps.
by Chooooobaccoaaaa January 08, 2008
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The word that is used to describe an oddly gross yet satisfying person or object. It is often used when describing sexual interactions between Daddy (Father/Sexual Partner) and a person.
Ew, that is so Grody! Don't do that!
by Thicc daddy February 15, 2017
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