A stay in the mental hospital. Name taken from the grippy socks given to (mostly involuntary) patients. Patients are not allowed shoes with laces due to suicide risk so grippy socks like those used at trampoline parks are issued to patients for footwear.
See: "psych ward socks"

Source: Was in mental hospital in 2019 and know other patients from other institutions

Phrase originally used within mental hospital circles and later spread on TikTok and other social media.
"If the professor gives us another fucking project, I'm going to need a grippy sock vacation!"
by MXRed February 20, 2022
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A voluntary stay in the mental hospital when you need to check out for a bit.

Term originated on TikTok.
"I'm starting to feel like I need a grippy sock vacation"
by abbyrandi October 7, 2021
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