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griffin georgia is a town located in south atlanta. it has 2 major high school. griffin high school and spalding high school. it is a very ghetto low down place and not the best place to live. i have had personal experience in griffin and i hated it. but my cousin that lives there says he would never leave it...i didnt understand it but he just said "to live in the Grip, you have to be from the Grip". but overall i dont recommend anyone to live there. gangs a present and very violent, drugs are sold on the street corners, and you will be terrified to go to the gas stations cause thats where all the gangs are posted, plus its just plan out ghetto. but yet the griffin born people love it. i dont know, maybe its a "Grip Town" thing.
me:griffin georgia is ghetto, how do you live here?
my cousin: to live in the Grip, you have to be from the Grip"
by hnic123 June 06, 2011
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