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Greenwich Avenue is the main center for shopping and hanging out in Greenwich, Connecticut. Catering to a wealthy lifestyle, shops and stores on "the ave", as it is called, are pricey. Since rent for these small shops is incredibly high, many stores come and go quickly. Some of the most notable include Rags, Wishlist, LF Stores, and the average chains such as Starbucks and the Gap.
While it serves as a shopping venue, the ave is also a popular teen hangout. Two movie theaters draw young crowds on weekends, and mobs of teenagers often roam up and down the street on a given friday night. In the center of the avenue is a small park, infamous for being the easy place to buy marijuana by the bag. (true greenwichers, however, would never refer to marijuana by that name; in truth, another language is spoken amongst the students in Greenwich and at Greenwich High School...this language is known as Greenwich Ebonics. Pot becomes nugs, drunk becomes swilled, girl becomes biddy...)
The ave becomes a common hangout for everyone, not only those who live close by. Celebs are sometimes spotted shopping in the high-end boutiques on greenwich avenue. Come take a look and decide for yourself whether the lifestyles of the rich and famous is really all that glamorous.
"Let's chill at greenwich avenue tonight"
by biddyin_gtown June 11, 2006
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Greenwich Avenue is THE place to shop in Greenwich, where everything-- and I do mean EVERYTHING-- is $20.00 up to at least a Mill. It's one of the only places on earth where you have a Starbucks, a Wishlist, a Saks, and at least three jewelers all within three blocks of each other.

Greenwich Avenue also has strong seperation between the parties. The preps hang in the middle of "the Ave", near Starbucks and Wishlist. The ghetto kids hang near the Railroad Ave movie theater, where there are two pizza places within walking distance. The outcast/ normal kids hang in the park in the center of "the Ave".

So the next time you are looking to spend thousands of dollars in one day, whether it be on food, clothing, or jewelry, come visit Greenwich, and hang on "the Ave".
Lauren- Hey Tay, wanna go to Greenwich Avenue? We can visit Tiffany and buy some new platinum bracelets together!
Taylor- Yeah sure... But wait! My guy already bought me a necklace with diamonds and sapphires from Steven B. Fox! Wanna go to Wishlist and spend our $200 there?
Lauren- Sure! Then we can go hang at Starbucks with Nina and Kaleigh!
by Miss Tay April 20, 2006
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a place in greenwich where people with too much time and money and go to do nothing but probably get stoned.
jim: yo wanna go to the ave??
joe: sure, lets borrow my dads bmw!
jim: na man! my dad left his wallet in the austen marten, lets take that!
joe: you sure he wont mind?
jim: of cours not! he will understand, i got my amex confescated, so i will just use his
joe: cool lets go!

and off to the greenwich avenue they went to crash there dads car after spending 200 dollars on weed and then later getting baled out of prison by there rich dads
by man man April 25, 2006
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