Noun. A person viewed as soft and weak, fleshy and/or expendable. Someone who has become fat and lazy on the comforts of civilization. Someone unused to hardship and adventure.

Taken from GRRM's ASOIAF Ironborn culture. Nothing to do with the actual Greenland.
"Man, did you see those greenlanders, their asses were spilling out of their jeans."
"The greenlander can't go a single day without their comforts."
by Captain McHodor October 16, 2011
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A euphemism for committing suicide. Originates from the podcast "The Dick Show", because Greenland reportedly has the world's highest suicide rate. Can also be phrased as "buying a ticket to Greenland".
"I saw a video online of my fiance sucking cocaine off of a guy's dick at a party, and I'm thinking of going to Greenland."
by maddoxlost July 3, 2018
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Jack Greenland is a very sexy and hot man with golden locks of hair and a jawline so defined you can see it from miles away. He is also really cute and is overflowing with charisma.
"Is that Jack Greenland?"
"What? That hot sexy man beast who is also incredibly handsome and charming? Of course."
by Not Jack Greenland February 10, 2021
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A place of about 3,000 where downtown consists of the middle school and a church. GHOP use to be downtown til it burned. Known for its farms that it doesnt even really ahve
hey wanna go to greenland,nh and do a little cow tippin bro?
by cowwtipppppinmofo September 3, 2010
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Appearance fishermen at first glance they might talk very idiotically, they're usually intellectually challenged. And they have very little of common sense as they are derived from social life during the day of fishing, the average fisherman have a dental issues. Also they only wear boots.
Average Greenlandic Redneck stop their education after they have finished public school because they turn their attention to fishing and hunting. Because of their long time hunting and fishing they develop a thing called “fisher accent/language” in which they swing their arms around and wave when they are telling stories and you can usually spot them from far away.
Person 1: I can hear a redneck somewhere
Person 2: How?
Person 1: By how he’s speaking, listen!
Greenlandic Redneck: Tas' unakassangaasi taraajartaale' qaa' aaq
by B1I6T9C3H January 11, 2021
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1) An absurd or bizarre idea.

2) An expression describing the behavior of a person whose mental faculties have left them.
When the president says things like, "I'm the King of Israel!", just know that he's really just Buying Greenland.
by seudokode August 21, 2019
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When your doing a girl from the back, then you spin her around and make her munch on your overgrown pubes.
N.C.V. had me chewing on his scruff until i almost choked on that shit. Im the best at the greenland grass chewer though.
by Tablet July 10, 2008
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