Verb: The first hit of weed.
Me:Hey, you can take greenies since its your weed.
Tony:Thanks, greenies is the best.
by Ben Gaylord June 20, 2005
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A derogatory term for the random teammates you are given in a game.
Knight: These these greenies are so trash.
Skittle: Bro those are our teammates you are talking about.
by Zequinnce June 01, 2018
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a fat lazy fuck who thinks he's hard cos he plays for blues
my "greeny" of a friend has got a game
by big boy daddy cock May 04, 2018
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To drink a large amount of alcohol with friends then wake up the next day to be the only one to vomit up a storm
"Wow I drank way too much last night...now I'm pulling a greeny"
by Stephne November 16, 2013
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