Greens may refer to the very first hit from the bowl of a smoking pipe when all the weed is still green.
Friend: "Yo, want greens?"
You: "Yeah bruh."
by GuestUser1337 July 24, 2014
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*Originally from the DMV*
Means a girl is easily down to perform a sexual act. Dervived from the term "she's ready to go just like a green light".
me: Bro i'm about to catch the top from Sarah!
bro: damn, already? You just got her number yesterday.
me: yea bruh she's green! i'll slide her to you when i'm done.
Friend: Randy's sister fucked the whole football team!
me: no way fool, she doesn't go like that.
friend: that's what one would think, but she's lowkey green af! i'm fucking her on tuesday!

me: Sheesh, all these girls are green for real!
by Slickzicknick March 27, 2017
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The color of a like button on definition when you like it
Roses are red, 10 is a tween, I got a like, but why is it green?
via giphy
by My yee 2 April 29, 2021
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