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a comforter issued to west point cadets that they keep with them during the course of their time at the academy, unless it is stolen and raped by upperclassmen. Green girls that survive their time at the academy face a second trial jealous and spiteful girlfriends and wives who may toss it out with the trash.
In a grey and cold military environment, it is the only thing that the cadets can have that is colorful and comforting.
"No one better mess with my green girl."
by green_girl September 19, 2010
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Girl who uses deception and trickery to get advancements in club settings or to get their way.
Guy 1: You see that girl ,she just got in the club first cause she got a fat ass.

Girl 1: Yeah she just pulled a green girl, her ass is fake.
by vamia August 08, 2009
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