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The state of mind and disconnection from reality that can eventuate when smoking marijuana. In rare cases can occur without the use of the drug.
T: Hey Cam you keen to watch the All Blacks tonight?
Dan: He can't hear you dude, he's in the green dream.
Cam: wha.....sorry guys I just had the maddest idea!
by Zoster & Manus February 20, 2009
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Euphemism for putting a pet out of its misery.
Skipper got run over by a lorry, so the vet had to send him to the green dream. Never really liked dogs anyway.
by Parsefone October 13, 2006
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A dream that is highly effected by the fact that you are high while you're going to sleep
Damn I had the craziest green dream last night...
by intrueglory October 09, 2010
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