someone who lives in North London, who has big jubblies and generally eats cakes after midnight.
that greek bird eats loads of cakes, the weight has gone to her jubblies
by barriobi December 11, 2008
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Members of college fraternities and/or sororities. So called because they usually use two or three Greek letters as their designation, sometimes representing some ideal or other "secret" information.
The Greeks at this school give good parties.
by George T SLC October 24, 2008
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to greek. verb
when you get your dick sucked by a girl, and then she hooks up with another dude.

the other dude just got greeked.
damn, that frat star over there just got greeked! that bitch just sucked tummis dick 20 minutes before hooking up with him! hes gotta have the worst luck ever.
by bangslutz69 September 30, 2013
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The word Greek as it pertains to the people of Greece is an acronym for "Good Relative Encounters Empathetic King" describing Greeks as all having some royal relation or connection to Greek royalty. Anyone with no connections to royalty are slaves.
Petra thought he was a Greek, but after his father told him his family tree, he realized that he was merely a slave.
by panic oasis October 16, 2016
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The language that you can start texting someone in just to surprise someone.
The person will probably using Google Translate or any other Greek to English translator.
One day in April 2018, I had gotten my speech therapist's phone number on my phone by giving him my phone number and then he sent me 2 photos of my pimples. At night time on a different day in April 2018, I have sent him a text message in Greek. He then sent me his own reply in Greek. We kept texting each other. Later we went to sleep. The next day, he was like: "What is this?" I replied "I wrote" He replied that he did not know it was me.
by Masterlet August 09, 2018
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Turco-Arab Mutts who steal European History
So if you are Greek from Europe, why are you Dark?
by Beloved Love March 04, 2018
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