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Molotov Cocktail
-An incendiary device that consists of a glass bottle, a flammable liquid, and a soaked rag
See Incendiary

It is made quickly and easily with household materials

The bottle is filled with the liquid (usually gasoline) and the rag is soaked in the liquid
The rag is then used as a fuse that ignites the liquid
When the rag is lit the bottle is thrown by user; the bottle then breaks upon impact; the liquid then spreads and ignites instantly, creating a large fireball (depending on liquid)

Molotov cocktails can be used to attack buildings, cars, and personnel and are extremely dangerous on the receiving end
A molotov cocktail was thrown into the house which burned down earlier

(borrowed from author GBowski)
DJ committed arson with some greek fire.
by Mercury1 December 16, 2005
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n. A sexual act where a man dips his penis into Grain Alcohol. He then lights his penis on fire and attempts to extinguish it in the colon of a man or woman.
Possible Problems see: penis shrapnel
For variant see: Fire Tower
I tried to "Greek Fire" my girlfriend last night, but she wouldn't let me, so I now have 2nd degree burns on my dick.
by Carrotglace February 13, 2007
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Having anal sex with your partner and instead of normal lubricant you use HEAT or mineral ice. The intense heat generated by these products will cause you and your partner to go so wild that the only way for you to extinguish the pain/pleasure is for you to finish her off in the can be urinating in her ass after you ejaculate in it.
Last night my girlfriend from Greece showed how to start a Greek Fire.
by Lil Poppa Georgi October 13, 2004
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