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A female human who:
- Spends so much time pursuing sexual intercourse that she neglects her hygiene, and hence, has a greasy glow to her skin.
- Is likely under the age of consent, since she has a fair amount of acne and a greasy complexion, a sign that she is still in the midst of puberty.
- Wears impractical, yet flirty clothing in her attempt to attract sexual partners, but will likely cause her to sweat during the summer months.
- Is a heavy user of nicotine products (especially chewing tobacco).
Male 1: Son, this girl started snapchatting me last week. She says she wants to hang out.
Male 2: You should probably stay away from her, she's a bit of a greasy girl.
Male 1: What makes you say that?
Male 2: She hangs out at the gravel pit with random guys and dips a lot.
Male 1: Decent! I'm definitely going to hang out with her then.
by weezerdog3 August 20, 2015
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