one of the funniest movies i've ever seen. a must see film, with its ridiculous drug, sex, and party scenes. produced by Adam Sandler, features cameos from Rob Schneider and David Spade.
quotes from grandma's boy:

Jeff: I can't believe you came on my mom!

Grace: I gave Charlie Chaplin a handjob.
Jeff: Wow, was he silent?
Grace: Not after I got through with him.

Grace: How old are you now?
Alex: 36.
Grace: Do you have a girlfriend?
Alex: No.
Grace: My grandson's gay too. I'll give you his number.
by KRHimself May 01, 2006
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A dinner that involves many different items that have no relationship to each other. Like in the movie Grandmas Boy where he gets a huge display of odd food.
Sister: Hey go look in the kitchen mom made a real grandma boys dinner today.
Brother: Wow yea she did today we have mac and cheese, pot pies, a frozen pizza, and cake
by pearl jam fan ten December 10, 2008
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When you receive such a blowjob with such an orgasmic spasm that you “can’t stop cumming!”
God that was good, I’m totally grandma’s boying.
by XbeauTIFFulX January 03, 2021
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