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A boyfriend of a Jewish girl who is a goy, and who is dated because of his body or because his status as goyim pisses of the girls parents. Relationship may be more of "fuckbuddies" than romantic. Commonly associated with JAPs. Implicit in the phrase is that the goy toy is of a lower socioeconomic status than the jewish partner, and that the relationship would never result in actual marriage or kids. On rare occasions a girl may be reffered to as a "goy toy". Something JAPs do in college before they settle down with a "nice jewish boy".
origin: pun on boy toy
girl 1:I heard Rachel has a new goy toy.
girl 2: Tony? He's so dreamy.
guy: yeah, but she'll dump him the day she turns 18.
by Wallishetskiovitch November 25, 2007
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A non-jewish boy who is taken advantage of by a (typically wealthy) jewish girl. Derived from the Hebrew word "goyim" which refers to non-Jews. The girl does not treat the boy as an equal or as a serious partner. She uses the boy to gain sexual gratification, companionship, emotional support, or whatever else she desires from him. In the end the boy is dumped and probably never realizes he was just being used.
Lauren: It looks like you and Josh are getting really serious, are you two officially a couple now?

Judith: He might think we're a couple, but he's totally clueless. He's just a goy toy they're always so naive. I'm going to dump him as soon as he says he loves me.

Lauren: But Josh is the captain of the lacrosse team and he's gorgeous. He's also so sweet. I can't believe you would treat him so terribly!

Judith: I didn't ask for your opinion, Lauren. One more word and you will no longer be invited to the my parent's home in the vineyard this summer.

Lauren: Ohmigod I love Martha's Vineyard! I'm sorry for speaking out of turn. Can we still be friends?
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A non-Jew who does favors for Jews in exchange for bribes.
Quite a few members of the Bush regime are repulsive goy toys.
That call-girl's book is being massively hyped in the liberal media as if she's the new Hunter Thompson, but it's really only due to the smear-jobs she did on some critics of Israel; what a shameless goy toy!
by seyss-inquart February 17, 2008
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A non-jewish man in his 20's or 30's who has a relationship with a much older jewish woman.
- Hey Robyn, have you seen the tennis instructor Marian picked up at the club?
-Omygawd, I know, what a cute goytoy!
by The man with two names May 28, 2013
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