A generic blessing derived from the Sanskrit name of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, one of the putative avatars of Krishna.
Now, due to overuse, abuse and irritant factor, it has about the same meaning and impact as "Hakuna matatta".
Can't pay your rent? Gouranga! Feelin' mighty fine!
Home torn with dissent? Gouranga! Tune out the whine!
New car has a dent? Gouranga! It's a new design!
Soul in torment? Gouranga! Approach the divine!

It means "No worries, for the rest of your days...."
by Kindly Wise October 11, 2005
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An irritant and distraction to motorists
(usu. causing accidents via swan-necking and debate). Term is at best debatable, at worst can lead to death. Term usu. placed on national speed limit (or above) roads on bridges/in garish colours so as to distract the law abiding driver.
USAGE: Not recommended.
ORIGINS:Derived by psychopaths (who no-one ever sees actually bill-posting the meaningless term).
Gourang..what?....bee-baw bee-baw bee-baw
by t.maz April 24, 2004
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An acronym for
Go yoU Rage Associated Non Governmental Agency
Painted on bridges by motorists suffering from terminal frustration with the proliferation of traffic cones on sections of unworked on motorway.
Used as a stress reliever... while you are trying to work out what it means you are not thinking black thoughts about what you would like to do to the b*****d who put them there
in the same category of abuse as " go forth and multiply"
by meles magnus et barbartus July 11, 2004
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