The word is derived from Anglo-Saxon "Go Range" meaning to travel in peace, it goes on to explain that peace can only be obtained by moving over to ones left if another traveller approaches from behind. Failure to do this results in a curse being put onto the offender, the curse consists of any male instantly aquiring minute genitals,and any offending female becoming instantly frigid.
Your previous partner obviosly ignored GOURANGA......
by Barney G July 23, 2004
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the word is an anagram of 'our ganga' which promotes the use of cannabis as a means to reduce the high number of road rage incidents. ie relaxing motorists
Woman motorist - "You just drove into the back of my car" ......
Michael Winner - "Relax, calm down dear, I'm really a very good driver" obviously stoned
by The Flying Teapot August 03, 2003
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A word written in large letters on motorway bridges in NW England to alert ambulance drivers to the sites of traffic accidents caused by drivers being distracted by the true meaning of the word painted on the bridge.
Various bridges in the Manchester region have been gouranga'd
by Geoff Black July 23, 2004
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cult-like religion stemming from Hare Krishna whose monks harass innocents in the street to give them money in return for gouranga badges, stickers, books and CDs. They believe women should be subordinate to men; they are against abortion; they condemn Christians, Communists and Cow Killers (and in fact devote an entire chapter of their book to this); they are vegan and believe Meat Is Murder; Most of society's problems are caused by women's failure to accept that they are inferior to men.
Don't be fooled by the slogan, "Say Gouranga and be Happy" - they want you to live a miserable communal life of misery and love it.
Example lyrics of two songs from their CD:
"Consciousness gives you conscience, man, consciousness gives you conscience, man..."
"We don't die, when the body dies, we live on, in another form...we don't die when the body dies... we live on in another form"
by Lucy November 11, 2004
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A word, with Indian background, meaning "be happy!"
So what if your boyfriend dumped you! He's an asshole--gouranga!
by cyndy March 01, 2005
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Sometimes appears in spam and on the sides of bridges in some parts of the world.

Means, "be happy". However, most people who are not Hare Krishna find the term to be meaningless, or later find out what it means and think that it is stupid and annoying, particularly given the context in which it often appears.

Therefore, quite ironically, the word has an effect on people who view it or hear it that is diametrically opposed to the one that is intended.
You open your e-mail, and find the following message:

Call out Gouranga be happy!!!
Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga ....
That which brings the highest happiness!!

You think to yourself, "What mindless idiot wrote this? How annoying!" and you promptly delete it.

For that split, fleeting moment, you become pissed off even though the (putative) intention of the e-mail was to put a smile on your face.
by Grape Ape May 19, 2005
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The term gouranga emanates from the 3rd century AD.
The word was used by Suouny tribesmen of the Asian Peninsula to direct the hordes of warring factions and other tribal groups to a place they called "Gouranga". Whilst the Suouny indnicated that this was a place where the tribesmen would encounter complete happiness and ultimate strength of soul and body, this was not the case in reality.
The Souony trap worked and all their enemies were killed as they fell into the huge pit with spikes. Thus the word "Gouranga" -meaning "the search for happiness leads ultimately destruction"
by Norris McWhirter June 18, 2004
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