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it's like saying "gotta go", "gotta leave". because zayn left one direction.
sorry, gotta zayn. I need to get home before curfew.
by ksizzle123 June 16, 2015
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the act of leaving quickly without any notice or warning to anyone at a random time when things get stressful or annoying (just like zayn did with one direction)
teacher - time for your presentation

you- okay well gotta zayn
by hoodgirl1996 November 16, 2015
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Leaving during the middle of something vaguely important. (Comes from Zayn Malik leaving One Direction in the middle of a tour)
*in the middle of playing basketball*
Guy 1- Bro where are you going?
Guy 2- Sorry man, the fam wants me to go pick up food, gotta Zayn.

Girl 1- Hey Jan wanna go with us to the mall?

Girl 2- I can't! Mom wants me home, gotta Zayn! See you later!
by Girl-In-Ashes July 25, 2015
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to leaving something abruptly ; out of nowhere
to leave something in the middle or something important in reference to zayn malik leaving something kind of out of nowhere and in the middle of the tour
it uses a quote from the Original Nickelodeon TV show Jimmy Neutron where the main character Jimmy saya gotta blast when quickly leaving.
Bad Friend 1 :"Hey Miley your crush is coming over here"
Crush : Hi Miley. :)
Bad Friend 1: Oh Miley Look whos here *suggestive winks that Miley's crush totally sees*
Miley: Gotta Zayn *runs away as quickly as possible*
via giphy
by lol.arie November 03, 2015
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when you have to go make ur own shit you would say "gotta zayn"
sorry liam, I love you but I gotta go my own way :( GOTTA ZAYN!
by Chonz January 05, 2016
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