Cherry-FarSeer #1 Solo Ladder Player in WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne- Max Lvl, Max Exp, 1700 Wins, 750 Shadow Hunter Icon

Cherry-FarSeer is GoSu
by pooq May 6, 2004
1 who liekz 2 suk my kok, a koker
by zie April 16, 2005
A counter-strike player that goes by the name SpArKz
"Dude.. that's GoSu"
by 1337 June 12, 2004
1.when one excells the level of gosu and actually becomes part of the game himself.

2.when one becomes a gosu but manages to keep becoming better

oftern found in games like warcraft and also starcraft
"he just defeted seven gosus by himself,he is uber gosu"
by steven hetherington August 4, 2004
The ancient gods that made kawaiinetwork for having fun and quality time.
Legend said Skyler Gosu is a terrible 2 words,but they awesome
by KN Bot January 8, 2017
GOSU is an acronym for a Group Of Sexual Unicorns
Wow! Tatum/Kyrie two man game is like a GOSU.
by havok106 November 2, 2018
Gosu is a Korean word that served as a corrupted interlocutor creating the acronym GOAT to mean greatest of all time. This occurred in 2000 at a professional Starcraft tournament at UC Berkeley hosted by the computer science department. The tournament champion was a player with the handle "goat" At the presentation of the Champion's cup the crowd started chanting "gosu! gosu!" which prompted started the following dialogue:
Corporate Sponsor presenting Cup: "what does gosu mean?"
CS Student Representative: not fluent it means like very talented. The best talent you can be.

Corporate Sponsor: speaking to goat well you are certainly very talented. The best I have seen. And if you're the best at UC Berkeley you're probably the best in general. Can you tell us why your handle is goat?
GOAT: goats are cool I guess. I was one of the first people on AOL and had the email address I wish I had kept it.
Corporate Sponsor: Oh we thought it was an acronym
Someone in Crowd: GREATEST OF ALL TIME!
GOAT: And that too.

UC Berkeley at that time had a T-3 line at a time people were using dial up. The technology was unprecedent for a University and was one of only three in the nation. (Federal Government, NASA). Thus, GOAT as an acronym became slang in the computer science department at Berkeley and Stanford before the creation of a meaningful internet culture
the phrase goat meaning "greatest of all time" stems from a corruption of the interlocutor GOSU. A Starcraft champion with the handle goat won a professional tournament and when someone asked is goat an acronym he replied 'gosu was taken' and someone in the crowd screamed "GREATEST OF ALL TIME."
by fairlyscaryhairygirl November 8, 2022