Loose mouth cunts that don't have a job and sit on face book all day.
Vanessa: did you know my house was bugged, my phones tapped and I'm a protected wittness in a major crime!

Tia: oh my god teela did you hear about Vanessa lying about the police tapping her phone and but in actual fact she was recording people's conversations?

Teela: yea she's a loose lipped cunt of a thing... fucking gossiper!!
by Vanessa skipworth May 28, 2017
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Some one who is thought of to be excited by gossiping non-stop.
by shika August 24, 2007
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A song by Missy Elliot. The chorus by the kids of Widney High is often misinterpreted. See Example for lyrics to chorus.
Whozoo? (who?)
My gizzurl.
Whalzinga izzat? (whos that?)
Its okizzay. Its allrizzight. Its okizzay. Its allrizzight.
Nizzow wizzee wizzil silzee. (Now we will see)
by SG April 2, 2003
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When a gossip vulture see's someone upset they will swoop in to see whats wrong. A person is only a gossip vulture is they do not speak to or even like the person who is upset. They will try and get the gossip through whatever means possible and then spread it.
*Gossip Vulture* ZOMG they are sad. i must know whats going on.
*sad person* go away i dont wanna speak about it
*Gossip Vulture* you know you can speak to me
*sad person* okay well....
Gossip Vulture walks off and goes to another group
*Gossip Vulture* ZOMG guess what...
by sargeman16 January 21, 2010
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A "Gossip Head" is a person obsessed with gossip.

They have a need to know everyone and every situation going on around them, but many times their information is flawed or inaccurate.

Gossip Heads will corner you many times and act interested in you to fish out any information, so they can spread it around to everyone they know.

They do this for many reasons: to feel important, to feel in control, out of boredom, etc.

Most Gossip Heads will waste your time and are semi-charming at first.
Man, I didn't realize she was such a "gossip head." Everything I told her was spread all over town.
by Sara Smiles July 19, 2013
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Someone that listens to (sniffs up) gossip and spreads it around to other people (sneezes it out)
Boy: I told my homeboys what you said

Girl: I told you that secret in confidence! You’re such a gossip sneezer
by Kaila Cole August 13, 2019
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the reason you were late to work, had to call in sick, slept in, wasted your whole day on the computer. A reasonable excuse for everything.
1. Boss: "why were you late to work."
Dude:"Gossip Girl."
Boss: "hope u get better soon."

2. dude 1: "man whats with you?"
dude 2: "gossip girl."
dude 1: "Ah, I see."
by hashendonitsme April 28, 2013
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