Something everyone claims to hate, but secretly they love it and do it, especially teenage girls, but boys often do it, as well.

Usually involves gross exaggeration or fabrication of an event.
Amanda: omg. I hate gossip. It's so lame.
Beth: I know, right? It sucks!
Amanda: Yeah. Oh my God. Guess what, Beth?
Beth: What?
Amanda: Leanne is pregnant!
Amanda: I always hated that bitch.
Beth: Yeah, me too.

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Something that snotty people do to spice up their boring, bland, and achievement-less lives. Usually about important people, they spread rumors about them that are 99.9% of the time, NOT true.
An conversation on Gossip
Jessica: Hey, did you hear about Becky's-
Howie: Shut your mouth Jessica. No matter what you say, or what you do, NOTHING, NONE OF IT will bring your daddy back.
by Locker Room C October 26, 2015
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In these modern times of instant media, we prefer gossip to cold-blooded murder,well-placed character assassination being much more devastating and more commonly accepted than a hail of bullets.
by MrMojo April 25, 2006
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Someone who is prone to talking about others behind their back in a negative manner. Usually, this behavior is caused by an inflated ego or a over-judgemental attitude. Or they're just a bitch
Katarina is such a gossip - she told everyone in the school about my personal problems
by talkshit-gethit January 6, 2018
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a person that is continuesly gossiping or poking their nose into other people's business with the intent to create more gossip can be known as gossipful.
by HOPEMAN1371 March 25, 2010
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The gossip is a sex position done between either one or more sexual partners. The woman puts one leg up in the air onto the males shoulder then proceeds to put her leg behind her back. The male then proceeds to do the same thing. After completion, you begin to grind against each other’s genitalia until orgasm.
Example: The Gossip Is A Sex Position.

“Omg kelly, I just had the best gossip ever”

“How was it, Michelle?”
Out of this world experience, best I’ve ever had!!!”
by boner483 May 27, 2019
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One who gossips...? It's pretty straightforward.
S: "Who's that?"
B: "Oh that's Dan Humphries, he's a gossiper"
D: " Miss Blair! He's gossip girl"
B: "Shut the fuck up Dorota"
by FetusWhisperer April 19, 2015
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