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Jason was about to slide his last $1 bill into the stripper's ass crack, but when she turned around and revealed her gorilla lips he decided to ask her for change.
by Mike Payne May 23, 2008
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A condition of the lips and/or mouth where the area directly above and below the lips are swollen but the lips themselves are thin, giving the impression that the person has a mouth like a gorilla
-Damn...that bitch gots mad gorilla lips, she looks like King Kong or some shit-
by dabigboss February 18, 2008
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When somebody's upper-lip covers their nostrils(most niggers have Gorillalips). Results in having Gorillalips are bad smells, looking like a black person, and craving for fried chicken and waffles.
Person 1:What's up Gorillalips?
Person 2:Shut up, just because I'm a nigger, doesn't mean I'm a nigger.
Person 1:Yes it does, ignorant nigger.
by Klyvin August 02, 2008
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