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When you wake a girl up with your balls dangling in a teabag over her face. She opens her eyes to the sight (and touch) of your fleshy scrotum and, screaming, tries to swat it away. But like any good Boy Scout, you've come prepared. You've shat in her hands so when she brings them to her face to defend herself, she smears your cocoa butter all across her face. Then, you spray her in the eyes with 'OFF!'. (Use a liberal amount to give off the feeling of a true campout.)
Jon - "Dan, you gotta help me out here. Holly and I are out of variations to spice up our sex life."
Dan - "Why don't you take her camping?"
Jon - "She's not really into the outdoors."
Dan - "You don't have to be outdoors to give a good morning camper, my friend."
by Dr. Morrison December 07, 2008
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