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A good hair day is the most AMAZING DAY EVER. It's often mistaken for actually having perfect hair, but that's the least important part of it. Everything in your life goes the perfect way. You're happy. You're mom is happy. You finally get a dog. You're dog is happy. Season 2 of your favorite TV show comes out totally unannounced. It's not just regular happy, it's freaking DANCING-IN-A-MEADOW-FULL-OF-DAISIES-NICK JONAS-JUST-SHOWED-UP-ON-MY-DOORSTEP-HAPPY. You wanna scream. You look gorgeous, things just couldn't get bette-- BAM. YOU WOKE UP. You're screwed. You're late for school. You haven't washed your hair in five days. Its Greasy. There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. You're mom is yelling. Laundry day. You can't find you favorite black shirt. You've broken your glasses. Soap gets into your eyes. You're nail breaks. You're wearing wet socks. AND ITS A BAD HAIR DAY.
Martha: *ugh*

Dave: You okay Martha?

Martha: *covers face with ugly baseball cap* Stop looking at me.
Stacy: Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.
Lana: *WHISPERS TO MARK* - ew what's up with the lime baseball cap?
Mark: Nothing. Give her a break. Its prolly just a bad hair day.

So basically a good hair day can be defined as something , with all due respect, TOTALLY NON EXISTENT. :/
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