The dull featureless area between ones anus and his testicles. The only purpose of which is to keep oneself from shitting on ones balls.
I laughed so hard I got ass butter on my gooch.
by Bushmonkey June 13, 2005
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the flabby bit of skin between the nootsack and butthole
tends to get very very sweaty on hot humid days
(on a hot humid summer day) JESUS CHRIST..my gooch is so sweaty it could hydrate a third world country

yeaaa bitch lick mah gooch
by yeaaa August 02, 2006
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The gooch is the section of skin between the sac and shitter of men, and vagina and shitter of women.

However, in recent times the gooch has taken on more popularity as a mild insult, or as a strengthener to other mild insults.
1. wow, it is hot. my gooch is sweating profusely

2. Shorey you utter gooch

3.Shorey you sweaty gooch faced nonce
by Proffesor T July 10, 2008
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To hang out or chill with someone or a group of people
A facebook status: "Goochin with the crew"

Texting a friend: "You wanna gooch tonight?"
"You trying to gooch tonight"

Calling someone:
Mike: "What you doing?"
Joe: "Nuttin, goochin with Don and Billy"
by Don Chulo November 26, 2009
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not just the area connecting the male genitalia region and the anal cavity, but also the nickname of american star soccer defender, Oguchi Onyewu
after an amazing play by Gooch:

by gooooooooooooooch May 31, 2010
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The state a females genitalia and surrounding pubic region succumbs to once inadequate genital and pubic care is practiced for long periods.
1. She pulled down her pants and her pubic hair was overgrown. She had a gooch.

2. She never washed her pussy properly and had attained the fish smell, thus her pussy had become a gooch.
by Stop_The_Gooch March 29, 2015
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