'Gooo goo ga ga' (or goo goo gaa gaa), is a stereotypical baby 'talking'. When a baby says 'goo goo ga ga', it is usually considered humerous. However, I don't know if babies actually ever say this phrase.
"Goo goo ga ga," mimicked Kevin.
His friends laughed.
by Z i p p e r August 25, 2006
What everybody thinks babies say when talking
7 year old 1: goo goo ga ga

Baby: ?
by CoolMetDuck October 30, 2021
The noise of an annoying baby, could be a babygirl, a babyboy, or your 4rth grade classmate trying to be funny but failing miserably... or maybe a Lady Gaga joke.
Baby 1: Goo-Goo Ga-Ga!
You: Shut the fuck up.
by TheAuthenticRay May 4, 2021
A term of endearment for something that is fire, usually in relation to some bomb ass food
Have you tried the Mac n cheese yet? That shit goo goo GA GA
by Shadowcodex March 16, 2022