A sport,that despite the general stereotype that only the elderly play, is quite fun. It's more of a finesse sport as opposed to strength and speed.
Golf can be fun for anyone. Hell, I'm 17and I enjoy playing a round of 9 holes everyone once in a while.
by OutlawStar July 27, 2004
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a sport that will take over anyone's life. Girls will find themselves competing with a golf club for attention. Golf can make people in an extremely crabby mood if they get a bad score.
"My boyfriend got a 47 on 9 holes in golf, so he went home to sulk."
by Sea Blue March 12, 2009
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A sport where you can be a professional athlete who can bench press 300lbs and do 100 sit-ups and still suck. A sport where power is not needed, but skill and practice. Manages to be the most infuriating game you'll ever play, and a joy to behold all in the course of one round.
You golf haters are all jealous because the 120lb nerd can beat you at a sport
by Archie2K April 17, 2004
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The only sport where a white kid can dress like a black pimp and not look stupid
black pimp: look at dat white boy! he a pimpin golf player, yo!
by Randolf April 13, 2004
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White men in polo shirts whacking heavy, round, dented plastic with a nightstick.
Greg: Hey Jon want to go golf?
Jon: Oh yes. I do believe I do.
by KAYDUBZZ March 30, 2020
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