a stupid sport where u hit balls at shit and miss, played buy old people with huge asses
by Viper man+ October 01, 2003
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Game for fat rich old men - and Tiger Woods. Somewhere in between baseball and croquet. Very boring to watch.
The British Open Golf Championship is at Royal Troon, Scotland in 2004.
by brendan July 16, 2004
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golf is, if you notice, a seperate category from sports when you go to define your world link on urban dictionary. see for yourself. golf is not a sport. its for old men who cant do anything to active any more because they suffer from oldtimers. any one young that plays has a gay name like "tiger" woods. that name just places in your mind the sound of a tiger snarling(dosent it???). what are the chances that you are going to get a tiny ball in a whole over a couple a hundred yards away? then you get your fat lazy butt on an electric cart and tote your blueblood my poop dont stink and i am rich did i mention i am rich self over to the ball and try to make it in the whole. young people that play this just need an excuse to hang out with the boss or someone that they are trying to see how much brown they can possibly get on there nose.
by who dat November 08, 2004
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"Baseball, basketball and football players play golf when they retire. Pro golfers don't play baseball, basketball and football when they retire." - Rick Woodson
"Golf sucks, play football."
"I'm sure your grandpa wouldn't agree."
by FuqUrSport December 31, 2014
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Fucking your girlfriend and yelling "four" golf means that you are an asshole
by Ass_Slayer1950 April 17, 2017
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More than a game, it is a habitual endeavor that takes precedence over work and friends. A perpetual quest for improvement. A sport for athletes as they get older and realize their limitations. A pleasure beyond definition. Played by yourself, with a partner or in a group. Worse than drugs and better than a first time fuck.
Golf is the game of intergalactic champions. Surpassed by nothing. Takes priority over all, except being naked with the wife. She loves golf too.
by Dick Splash November 10, 2003
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