1.verb, to move your hips back and forth causing your balls to clap against your upper crotch region and your shoal

2.a swigging action where your balls come in contact with your frontal regions and your butt
1.) Dude what are you doing? the golf clap man...

2.) My hoe didn't want to do anything with me that bitch, so I golf clapped that bitch in her eyes,that bitch got two black eyes now...

by scubasam09 February 20, 2007
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A Sexually Transmitted Disease afflicting overpaid golfers located primarily on the scrotum. (See: Tiger Woods)
Man, I got so much skank ass this past weekend in vegas I think I'm coming down with the Golf Clap. I can't stop scratching my balls!
by Butt Rustler October 21, 2010
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another word for mastrubation
"What's taking him so long?"
"He's golf clapping!"
by Mahoney August 27, 2005
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A method of congratulating a friend on a great hit when smoking the green herb
As my hit filled the tent, I received a golf clap from my friends.
by Ethereal Monkey March 05, 2006
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