Enthusiastic, but subdued applause for a job well done.
Mom: "I finally learned how to add friends on Facebook!"
Me: "Golf Claps for Mommy!"
by lastdayofmagic March 02, 2010
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A sex act involving the repeated tapping of your finger tip against the head of your penis while penetrating a woman's ass and vagina simultaneously.
"After desperately struggling to keep up on the back nine, he realized he was only a few strokes away from earning a golf clap"
by Asjfester May 05, 2016
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He farked the hostess behind the dumpster at the ninth hole bar and a few weeks later came down with the golf clap
by Tiger Woods March 07, 2005
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A lewd sexual act involving two males and one female. While in the Eiffel Tower position, both men's scrotums quietly smack together successively.
Hey dude wanna tag-team that hoe? I don't think you'll hear the golf clap over the sound of her moans.
by Christopher Unfazed December 10, 2008
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A sexually transmitted disease given by using the golf stick for uses other than those intended, such as savage beast-love.
-PhD Liam Domonkos
Tiger woods buggered me with his golf stick and I got golf clap :D
by Liam Domonkos May 19, 2004
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"Golf Clap" is a new STD. (Sexually Transmitted Disease) Origins of the disease point to Tiger Woods, a famous golf player, when he slept with his mistress.
Man, I just got back from the doctor! They say I have Golf Clap! I should have used a condom
by C-gorog December 02, 2009
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golf clap (gawlf klap)


a person (typically of female sex) that does not reciprocate in the act of fornication. i.e. a chick that simply lays on her back while you plow her. coincidentally, a "golf clap" is as worthy of its moniker as an "applause" would be of its own.
"It's like when you clap your hands; You don't move just one hand, you move both of them... Unless it's a golf clap."

"She was definitely a 10 until I took her home and found out she was a golf clap."
by Evee123zy June 07, 2009
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