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Generally specific things that happen in such an ironic way; only a the fucked up god screwing with you could explain it.

Basically it shows how no human can escape the laws of casualty/ fate. The joke is even more funny when a person tries to resist fate/prophecy, and quite un-ironically ends up MAKING it happen.
For example:
The greatest God Joke that has been told since ancient Greek history. The play of Oedipus (you can still wiki it ya know!)

Prepare to F your moms, Déjà vu, and let your deams be dreams. Because whatever God/s you believe in is laughing at you. That's even including Kim Jon un. XD
I'm willing to bet you lived through a God joke at least once. :P
So I was talking to one my bros about the past election, he was like:
"yo Hillary Clinton man... cheated the democrat primaries, cheated Bernie Sanders, Deleted her Illuminati emails AND lied about them, even got caught but didn't answer to her crimes, oh and that's not all. She even had the feminists + tumblr on her side. Then she did all that just to lose the DONALD fucking TRUMP. LOL! What a goddamn God joke man! its just so fucked up haha!"
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by mufasas1lion January 31, 2017
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