To be kissed without having a say in the matter.
Did you hear Peter gobsmacked me last night? The only was he was ever going to get his lips on me.
by nvidic June 25, 2009
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Similar to a lemon party, this sexual act involved older and younger people, however it is an elderly lady with largely saggy boobs that is getting her 'gobs smacked' by a younger male.

Much like a kitten plays with a yarn of wool, batting it around in fascination, the young male smacks the old bat's boobs however he likes
It is also when an old lady wants to get a bit frisky and use her saggy boobs to smack a young male's gob or other parts of his body.
Male: Dude last night an old lady gobsmacked me, it was so good!

Old lady: Oh darling you wouldn't believe how well that 20 year old gobsmacked me last night, it was delightful!
by Bobetta Bobbington April 21, 2011
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When a person is being a little bitch on Clash of Clans and they request troops and you give them the worst troop possible, goblins.
dude kicked me out of the clan cause I disagreed with him and then everyone made him invite me back, so I had that dick gob-smacked.
by T-Kaine September 16, 2015
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