A person who keeps acting up, and thinks they run shit. when there actually a goat fucker. Usually common with arabs born on the month of September, day 23 year 1996. Also a common issue with females with the names that begins with the letter G and ends with the letter A.
Goat fucker: yo bro ur actually a fucking faggot
Matt: stfu goat fucker
Goat fucker: once a goat fucker, always a goat fucker ;)
by a goat fucker December 18, 2013
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Someone who fucks with you so they also probably fuck goat.
Dude 1. Man your hear about Dylan? He got cheated on by his girl.
Dude 2. That Goatfucker!
by Swassmass January 31, 2016
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A goat Fucker is one who takes pleasure in mounting and fucking such a innocent creature
That guy panda sure is a Goat fucker
by DeathProfit November 12, 2018
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