Look at that poor goat fucker. It is not bad enough that his wife looks like Aristotle Onassis, but the poor guy has to shag his own goats to get a decent piece of ass. The typical Greek union.
by jonathan does October 12, 2007
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1. Any "country boy" that tucks his jeans into his boots to look cool

2. Any guy/girl that dresses and acts country but only does so for attention or attraction

3. A fake country boy/girl
Austin: "Look at Logan with his pants tucked into his boots!"

Jake: "Yea, that Goat Fucker!"
by DieselMechanic22 November 24, 2013
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any person that is or pretends to be a cowboy.
A person that wears gay tight spandex looking pants and a stupid hat even though you don't live on a farm or own any animals.
Anyone that listens or likes country music and wears those gay multi colored shirts.
"Hey look at that moron in the Wranglers" what a stupid goat fucker!
by Marineassasin13 August 19, 2006
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A country boy who wear kid pants tucked inside of his boots or boots with cut off jeans
by Afrodike June 11, 2017
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what Onision (Onion Boy) was secretly named at birth but it was switched out later in life due to his Father trying to make it less obvious that his hobby during his childhood was, fucking goats.
Onision is the "goat fucker" of YouTube.
by wut.is.mylife April 06, 2017
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fans,listeners and cult-like followers of heavy metal music and all of it's sub genres

satanic fashion nazis


a dark clique
ooh look at them headbangers...

yeah...damn goat fuckers!!
by fashionistas fuck off February 26, 2004
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