Process with which involves inserting ones penis into that of a goat.or.. the process of which guys stick their penis's's's into a ugly gurls fagina.
Dude: AAAGH!
Goat: BAAA!

Dude1: God, i fucked Diane W. last night...
Dude2: Ew, you goat fucker!
by jamka March 10, 2005
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(Noun) A person who fucks goats.
Man, Nick Spooner loves fucking goats. He is such a goat fucker.
by Gringo Rameriaz April 12, 2008
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Another word for a goatee. Legend has it that in ancient day Rome when a beard was a symbol of power and manhood, when a man was caught fucking a goat, the villagers would hold him down and shave off the sides of his beard, leaving him with what today is known as a goatee. Then all the villagers would know that this man was a goatfucker because of the 'goatfucker' he wore on his face. This would bring the goatfucker much shame.
Ancient Ex:
Roman 1: "Last night Palonious fuckith his goat"
Roman 2: "Then we must shameth him and force him to weareth the symbol of such an act, so that all will know."

Current Ex:
Guy 1: (pointing at guy 2's goatee) "Hey man, what's up with the goatfucker?"
Guy 2: "I grew it so I could savor the flavor of your mom's snatch for days."
by albert007 June 15, 2007
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A “cowboy” who tucks his jeans into his boots, therefore when he is butt fucking the goat it can not get away.
Dude look at that goat fucker over there with is jeans tucked in.
by Skinnypenis1234 October 21, 2018
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An older man, usually in a position of power, that is exceeding cheap. Will often go out of his way to gain money from people under him.
I cleaned that apartment up like a Super 8 motel, and that goat fucker of a landlord that owns half the town screwed me out of my deposit.
by wolf lungs January 18, 2009
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If Merkel loves those fucking goatfuckers so much, she should go to the Middle East.
by AllTheGoodOnesGo June 28, 2019
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