Goat is not a name fo an animal but it means good of all time
If you say goat to any body it don't mean that you are talk him/her an animal you are giving him a complement
by Baba nand June 04, 2019
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1. A man who commonly tucks his balls between his legs then pulls down his pants revealing his nuts and ass at the same time.
2. "Jared show your goat"
by Lyndi Is Cool May 28, 2011
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Short of God Of All Time ; mostly use in sports
Leo Messi is G.O.A.T
by God of all time August 14, 2018
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G: Great

O: Ompalompa
A: As
T: Trash
Her: That makes you a goat
Him: Goats a good thing though

Her: Great Ompaloompa As Trash
Him: you just made that up
by perfectlyfomulated June 15, 2016
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