Simply stated..... PLUG

One who can find anyone on on the net. If he has a picture, a partial name, a letter or a tattoo he will find them. Only 2 GOATS of this type exist. The other being the mythical Brett Harris. The two GOATS combined make the likes of Dick Tracy, Perry Mason and Inspector Gadget seem like amateurs.

The GOAT may also deem anyone he sees fit as a GOAT of a different genre the GOAT of their field. Ex. The undeniables such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Donald Trump to name a few. Along with the debatables like Steph Curry, the NBA white GOAT, Larry Bird and LT Christopher Henderson of fire service fame.
The GOAT knows all... or at least thinks he does. Many will argue this and the GOAT in his space chimpness will agree.
by Bricksquad71/A June 05, 2018
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