They really are the 'Greatest of all time'. They're the most interesting, lovable and entertaining pets one could ever have. Not only is goats milk nutritionally wholesome, but it contains so many health benefits, much more than cow's milk. It strengthens your immunity, protects your heart, anti-inflammatory and prevents toxins from accumulating in the body which is caused by extreme flatulence caused by cows raised for beef and builds strong bones.

Contrary to popular belief, mythical stories and silly songs, Goats do not eat anything and everything that isn't bolted down nor will they eat shoes, shelves and tin cans. Fact is, Goats are very resourceful and true survivors. They are supremely picky and choosy and only settle for the most nutritious that's available. While other livestock such as Cows and sheep feed off low-quality forage, goats will be like "This is a joke right!, you don't expect me to eat this shit. I'll lay on it, maybe pee on it, but I'm not eating this crap, call the sheep to eat it". Goats eat the most nutritional part and leave the rest for the sheep to wipe out. They enjoy munching on fruit and vegetables, plants, raisins and seeds and alfalfa, kelp meal and baking soda to helps their digestive system and stops bloating.
Put in the effort and get yourself a goat, the benefits are enriching and rewarding and they make great pets.
Farmer: "Aren't these sheep sick of eating hay and Prince's dog food". "When the grass and weeds begin to sprout, I let them to forage but they prefer to eat rubbish"
Simone: "They're so used to eating low-grade hay and the goats remains, they're not capable of identifying good quality feed"
Farmer: "Yeah, I suppose so". Sheep might be fluffy, but they're freakin dumber than donkeys".
Simone: "We'll get rid of them after we shear them and invest in some goats, they're more beneficial. We can sell goats milk & Yoghurt, probiotic kefir, cheese, baby formula, goat soap, candles, beer, goat hide and mohair and cashmere".
Farmer: "Shit yeah, we'll be billionaires. We can sell the formula to the Asians!".

My Goat Dumbledore is truly the G.O.A.T.
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Simply stated..... PLUG

One who can find anyone on on the net. If he has a picture, a partial name, a letter or a tattoo he will find them. Only 2 GOATS of this type exist. The other being the mythical Brett Harris. The two GOATS combined make the likes of Dick Tracy, Perry Mason and Inspector Gadget seem like amateurs.

The GOAT may also deem anyone he sees fit as a GOAT of a different genre the GOAT of their field. Ex. The undeniables such as Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Donald Trump to name a few. Along with the debatables like Steph Curry, the NBA white GOAT, Larry Bird and LT Christopher Henderson of fire service fame.
The GOAT knows all... or at least thinks he does. Many will argue this and the GOAT in his space chimpness will agree.
by Bricksquad71/A June 05, 2018
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