When your so high on marijuana that you feel that your pupils have went squared !!!
Look at Jake guys he is goat eyed high
by scootertramp April 23, 2016
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When someone gets a goat milk shower, they receive a load of cum which has the consistency of goat milk.
Steve, have you seen Wendy?

Yeah, she's just tidying up after the goat milk shower.

Aight bet
by ClassyFrenchMF! May 4, 2022
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Person who wont leave till all the drugs are gone ....like a goat munching on bushes.
by Oscarbudgy2 February 19, 2019
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In the old days, the goat was known as a mammal, part of the Bovidae family. In modern days, the goat has evolved into the abbreviation, greatest of all time. When one is asked if they are a goat during a game of Valorant, they are wondering if you are a skilled and valuable player. If you do not possess these qualities, you are known as a discount goat. This means you are the goat at the farm that no individual wishes to own and will send to the slaughterhouse to become a nice stew.
tohubohu #7677 is so good at Valorant, unlike da boss #7058, who is a discount goat.
by orangecrocs4life May 9, 2021
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Greatest pussy of all times… duh.
Bro, my girl has the goat cat on lock.
Wtf you mean
Goat cat, greatest pussy of all times. Keeps me coming back like addicts
by Mrs.KDavis February 11, 2023
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