When you're just so good at the damn game nobody can stop you you're basically immortal and to good at the game that everybody wants to be you
by Sagee4 January 25, 2021
A modern style of music with a heavy vibrato
Person 1: Hey drop that goat girl
Person 2: Hieyiahhieyiah
by Yo_Diggity13 April 23, 2016
She is a loud and adventurous majestic creature who loves salted caramel ice cream. She also loves the borg queen and she hates the word tayce
Paralysed baby goat face timed borg queen
by Borg queen December 22, 2016
"Billy goat slap" the action where you grip your scrotum with your hand and slap someone with your balls
by Billy goat slap by the don December 16, 2016
Damnnnn soonnnnn, dis shit is goat grasss mannnnnn.
by yamuva July 8, 2020
When your so high on marijuana that you feel that your pupils have went squared !!!
Look at Jake guys he is goat eyed high
by scootertramp April 23, 2016
When someone gets a goat milk shower, they receive a load of cum which has the consistency of goat milk.
Steve, have you seen Wendy?

Yeah, she's just tidying up after the goat milk shower.

Aight bet
by ClassyFrenchMF! May 4, 2022