A Middle Eastener that has an affinity for goats. They usually herd them up in the mountains where they are isolated to the point they start looking good
I believe that guy with the Turbin on his head is a goat shagger
by babysaph August 19, 2021
Typically defined as an old man who has a tendency to seek out, steal and eat other people's food.
I'm so hungry, better hide my food from john the oul goat
by BRHR November 10, 2016
A person that acts socially awkward due to limited contact to other normal human beings.
B: I talked to that girl about the color of my underwear.

G: You are a social goat!
by isbndqq March 27, 2014
The official Shadow Council of Spellbreak that is responsible for maintaining the good that remains amongst the Breakers in the Hollowlands.
GTKT (Goats of The Knight Table) are the Breakers responsible for the return of the Blink rune!
by nikku_uwu November 15, 2019
When your so high on marijuana that you feel that your pupils have went squared !!!
Look at Jake guys he is goat eyed high
by scootertramp April 23, 2016
When someone gets a goat milk shower, they receive a load of cum which has the consistency of goat milk.
Steve, have you seen Wendy?

Yeah, she's just tidying up after the goat milk shower.

Aight bet
by ClassyFrenchMF! May 4, 2022
A smoothie goat makes everything to perfection. Slings smoothies and other things.
Brady: damn this smoothie is good
Zeph: that’s cuz the smoothie goat made it
by Smoothiegoat June 11, 2022