Someone who is the best at their craft in their field . They are like no other !
by Itsjustfacts November 25, 2021
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The current state of the post-modern, american mainstream "chart-topper" musical idolatry which has been propagated by such narcissistic egotistic and self proclaimed "greats" such as Kanye. This mentality had bled into casual lingo with kids and young adults saying non-literal grandiose phrases such as; "Im the greatest", "I'm literally a GOD", "GET AT ME SON", "Im legit the Michael Jordan of ______, seriously".

This is only a temporary phase of immaturity for most, and will be abandoned with age, and a normal personal growth into adulthood is expected.. for most.
Guy: Man.. the future of this Planet is doomed.. we are nothing more than The GOAT Generation... this is the antithesis of intellectual evolution
by TheNobleWolf July 8, 2017
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all he does is fuck pussyfoot the goat jr
by the Goat jr November 22, 2021
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An extension of 'the goat'. When a man tucks his balls between his legs and bends over, giving the appearance of a goats behind. In a goat sneeze, the person farts while performing the goat.
Dude, we were watching HP5 last night and our RA came in and gave us the goat sneeze!
by furrrrrry November 17, 2010
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The superior group of Goats from the amazing place we all know, Long island. The home of japs and fbois but also the best sport in the world.... Lacrosse. The goats include kobri14 danilax smesco cbcavs. They are high class Goats who are better than everyone else. Their insta page is amazing. @thegoatsoflongisland. The Goats are amazing. As the merrick kids know “Kobri14 the goat from the start, she’ll pull up steal your man then break his heart” whoever rapped this is a LEGEND
Wow the Goats of Long Island are so cool i wish i could be them!!
by tgoli September 29, 2018
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The act of tucking your package back and in between your legs, right after successfully dropping a deuce and failing to wipe away the remaining poop. This is a more disgusting variation of "The Goat", a move made popular by the cast if the movie "Waiting".
Oh man, Brett just dropped the muddy goat on me when I walked into the bathroom
by the stanky leg April 6, 2009
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