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party or event where the drunken stupidity sinks to new levels,while quite likely to occur at a sausage fest the female gender,ditchpigs in particular,are equally capable of contributing to a goat show.

goat show can also be used to describe cluster fuck situations.
Man did you see those two lesbian ditch pigs making out on the dance floor last night , then Dwaine threw up carrots into his shirt pocket , what a fucking goat show

"I Got a flat tire on the way to the airport then was pulled over for speeding trying to catch my flight.The popo noticed a roach in the ashtray and charged me for possesion.
What a fucking Goat show."
by Billytucker June 03, 2010
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An event that is boring and/or lacking an attractive female presence.
This party is a goat show.
by Panties March 23, 2005
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