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To strike another person In the face with your forehead, while face to face in conversation, by surprise, for no reason, to initiate a fight, or to end a conversation or fight promptly if done with enough force. A head butt delivered promptly with haste, suprise and often no reason.
"I can't belive you just headbutted that bouncer! What hell!?!"

"It was just a little goat kiss, I had nothing but love... Anyways it was just a peck. I didn't know he was gonna fold up like that."

"I guess he cannot say you sucker punched him...."
by onegoatboy May 26, 2015
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To put your testicles between the back of your thighs exposing the Goat then put it to someones face
Dude im gonna Goat Kiss you while you sleep. Goat
by Pandathrower December 15, 2009
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When someone's balls are placed on someone elses chin and kissed.
Roland was mouthing off to me, so I made him give me a goat kiss to occupy his mouth.
by dela nate December 27, 2005
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Where a two people make out while they have warm milk in their mouths. If one person spills the other spits the remaing milk in their partners face.
While Jane and Ralf were drinking warm milk they started goat kisses, Jane won and spit all over Ralfs face.
by G@ry March 03, 2008
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