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In politically incorrect terms, to "go indian" means to not shower and/or bathe for extended periods of time. In short, to let your BO loose.
John: "Man, for that camping last weekend I totally went indian."

Lucas: "Thanks for sharing. I've always wanted to go indian. But I guess what they say is true; nothing runs like a deer and smells like a John".
by Jesus Roger Rabbit Tolkien March 15, 2010
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to get totally, destructively out of control, usually as a result of strong drink; e.g., jumping up on the bar, cackling maniacally, hurling bottles, and screaming that you'll fight anyone in the bar, or the whole bar
Oh no, I can't drink Crown. Makes me go indian.
by soon-to-be ex-pat April 21, 2005
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To "go indian" is for a Native American to act how "indians" would when they'd hunt or fight. SOMETIMES involves a couple drinks, and things that are sharp, hard, or they smash.
Fine displays of this behavior is shown in Dances with Wolves, Last of The Mohicans, movies with wild fight scenes, and some real live people. The people often scream too (Not in pain).
1. I'll go indian on you.
2. The place is totally wrecked. They went indian.
3. Steve from The Outsiders is a good example of "going indian". The screaming, fighting, and the look on his face. And he's not even brown!
by *Bee* September 15, 2006
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