A gnarly swarly is when a female has strong head game, that takes your soul right out of your body.
by GNARLY November 27, 2018
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A term used by drug children, referring to a snowboard trail or terrain park line, it means insane and usually full of pow.
YO DUDE, bout to go hit some GNARLY WOMPERS! And the hit my sick VAPE.
by 420 vape lord January 28, 2016
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1. That guy who made the song "Crazy"
2. To bullshit your way out of being the butt of a joke
1. "Hvem var det nu som lavede Crazy?" - "dEt Er BoB gNarLy!!"
2. "Haha det var en del af jokeeen haha" - "Du kan ikke Bob Gnarly dig ud af denne her Frede"
by JawnsonFlaskPatron September 13, 2019
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The distant cousin of the grog-bog. The Charlie Gnarlie is the action of dropping the kids off at the pool. Unlike the grog-bog the Charlie Gnarlie is induced by the consumption of a white powder that goes by the name Charles.
I just had the meanest Charlie Gnarlie, I wouldn't go in there!
by Constable Wang November 20, 2021
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when something is really rad or makes you so happy you just want to scream that it's awesome
That wave i just caught was so shock gnarly dank bro!!!
by swagboy15 June 13, 2017
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