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The kind of penis that Clay from Sons of Anarchy has, with which he uses to fuck various members of the motorcycle club.

Really thick, twisted, veiny, just kinda gnarrrrled. Looks like a gnarled treestump, or perhaps that it got halfway through a paper shredder then it got ripped out. Could be mistaken for a wonky tree root, or a dusty burlap sack. Most often flaccid, the gnarled penis can become violent and unpredictable when erect, leading to either highly awkward or highly violent encounters, depending upon the owner of the gnarled penis in question.

First appears in Season 2 Episode 4: Clay pulls out his gnarled penis to show the dirty Mexicans he means business. Later on in this season, he threatens Gemma to suck on his gnarled penis if she doesn't hand over the letters that Tara has, which incriminate him in John Teller's murder.
(Said in a gruff, Clay-like voice): "Gemma, you don't gimme those letters, you gonna hafta suck on mah gnaarrrllled penis. You hear me, bitch? mah gnarled penis"
by jayfinator December 12, 2011
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