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The amount of an erect penis showing after both owner's hands have been wrapped around it. To properly measure 'glory meat', one must first get an erection. Then, take the penis in the left hand, being sure the bottom edge of the left hand is flush with the abdomen. Then hold the remaining penis with the right hand, ensuring the bottom edge of the right hand is flush with the top edge of the left hand. Close all fingers and thumbs of both hands. The amount of penis over and above the top edge of the right hand is considered 'glory meat'.

Note: One either has glory meat or one doesn't. As a general rule of thumb, those having glory meat can be said to have an above average sized penis. Alas, the more glory meat showing, the bigger the penis.
'John has a small penis. I'll bet the fucker ain't got no glory meat at all!'

'Dude, I heard Bill has like 3 inches of glory meat. That's why he gets all the pussy.'
by ben the ten November 25, 2009
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