In some porn shops professionally drilled penis holes with painted lips, heads, butts for the purpose of anonymous sex in the form of fellatio or buggery.

Beware, the guy on the other side might be straight and have a lit cigarette!
Jimmy learned to wait for a signal from the other side of the stall wall where the glory hole was.

His horniness suddenly left him when he stuck his cock through the glory hole and a straight guy touched the head of his cock with a lit cigarette.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
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A Glory Hole is what you call the hole at 1 of those places were you stick your dick in a hole, and you dont know who is sucking it o the other side.
§8======O==D >?
I just payed 30$ to get my dick sucked at the glory hole.
by P - Cald May 05, 2005
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a hole in wich gold is located on gold rush alaska.

A hole in a bathroom where a man puts his erect penis and gets sucked off by a random stranger of an unknown gender.
Hey dude remember on Gay shows Alaska edition they penetrated deeper into the glory hole
by glory giver November 12, 2011
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A furnace used by glassblowers to heat pieces while working.
Larger pieces will often require many trips to the glory hole.
by Frozen August 17, 2003
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a whole in the seperation of stalls in a public restroom used for anonymous oral sex with the person next to u. Used mostly by homosexuals do to the fact that most public bathrooms are seperated. watch out if u see one and the person next to u isnt gay they might kick ur dick and break it.
i went to rainbow park and and had to use the bathroom there was a guy in the next stall and there was a whole in the stall that said suck here and then he slid his dick in there so i thought ahh what the hell and grabbed it and pulled it as hard as i could and he got stuck so i went piss washed my hands and slashed his tires.

i saw a glory hole in a bathroom in the mall so i stuck inserted where it said to and hey i got a free bj. but i felt guilty so i slid a twenty under the stall
by mikethecoolness January 10, 2005
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See Gaper, definition #5.

Also (verb) to gloryhole a girl is to butt-fuck her, typically with great enthusiasum, thereby leaving her with a gloryhole (and a smile!) as above.
Last night, after a couple of drinks, I was begging Tom to gloryhole me. When we were done, my gloryhole was slobbering cum all down my legs.
by Steph M. July 02, 2007
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